Your Consistent Customer Experience System

Trust & Loyalty are built on the foundations of consistency

The Consistent Customer Experience System is the one clear path for successful small business owners who want to simplify and streamline their customer’s journey through their business.

A detailed step by step guide to creating a consistently excellent experience, for every customer, every time they do business with you.

Through 13 on-demand, bite-size videos, I share the what, how, when and why of every step of the system, to allow you not only to implement what you learn, but bring your team with you too.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Unlimited and immediate access to our training platform

  • One clear visual roadmap - the only customer experience system you will EVER need

  • 13 on-demand, bite-size training videos, with unlimited access

  • Access to 11 of our unique frameworks, templates & support materials

  • Freedom to download all of the above for use with your WHOLE team.


including frameworks and video training

  • How to develop the perfect Mindset

  • The Complete Right 1st Time Hiring System framework bundle



All 9 modules, on-demand video training, resources and frameworks:

  • Your Usual Suspects - WORTH £97

  • Client Assessment Matrix - WORTH £97

  • The Perfect Client Scorecard - WORTH £97

  • Customer Journey Stages - WORTH £97

  • The Perfect Customer Journey - WORTH £97

  • Customer Experience Issues & Actions - WORTH £97

  • 7 Steps to One Right Way - WORTH £97

  • 6 Levels of Customer Experience - WORTH £97

  • Customer First Culture - WORTH £97



What do our clients say?

"Marianne makes it clear, simple, and straightforward.  I feel confident now that my company will be one step above our competitors in all these areas and my team will benefit hugely. "

Annabelle Webster

Director of South East Timber & Damp Limited and Annabellelovesbusiness 

How does the programme work?

Stage 1 - Assess

We start by looking at your existing customers, and share two new tools that will help you to assess your customers and determine who is a great fit, and who you should consider ‘letting go’.

We then give you a unique matrix that will help you to assess any new clients that you’re about to take on, to ensure that you only ever work with clients who are a great fit with you and your team.

The Consistent Customer Experience System Framework

The Usual Suspects Framework

The Client Assessment Matrix

The Perfect Client Scorecard

Stage 2 - Streamline

Stage 2 is all about the simplifying and streamlining your customer journey

How to recognise and develop the two tracks of your journey - the customer’s track and your team’s.

How to map the detail of your journey, step by tiny step, to uncover blocks, duplications and inefficiencies.

How to capture the issues and opportunities that you uncover, and work with your team to resolve them, or take advantage of them.

The Customer Journey Stages

Issues & Actions Worksheet

The Perfect Customer Journey Framework

Stage 3 - Deliver

The final stage is then all about the delivery of your consistently excellent experience.

First we give you the information you need to develop your One Right Way to do every task along the journey.

Then we look at where you are now in terms of the 6 levels of customer experience, and what you have to do to get to the next level.

And finally we look at how you build a customer first culture with your team, because when the team buy into your Consistent Customer Experience - everything becomes easier.

Our Routines template

7 Steps to One Right Way

How to Record 'How To' Guides

6 Levels of Customer Experience

Customer First Culture